Site Reliability Engineer

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India · Engineering · B/E/0/F/March-19/1


We are developing the world’s first enterprise-level Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) for robots, creating a rare opportunity for an experienced, product-focused engineering professional. This PaaS aims to aid and offer innovative features to handle every part of the product's life-cycle for consumer-facing connected machines and services.

Site Reliability Engineering combines skills from software and systems engineering. Your key responsibility will be to focus on optimizing existing systems, building infrastructure, and eliminating work through automation in order to scale our platform in a sustainable manner. Your team's goal is to ensure the highest possible up-time for all users and developers on the Rapyuta Robotics PaaS.

  • Support services before they go live through activities such as system design consulting, capacity planning, and launch reviews
  • Maintain services once they are live by measuring and monitoring availability, latency, and overall system health
  • Engage in and improve the whole lifecycle of services—from inception and design, through deployment, operation, and refinement
  • Scale systems sustainably through mechanisms like automation, and evolve systems by pushing for changes that improve reliability and velocity
  • Practice sustainable incident response and postmortems
  • Build and evolve the Operations Handbook
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